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Work Service

We are the biggest company in Poland HR delivering innovative solutions in the field of human resources – specialized in services in the field of personnel consulting and restructuring in the field of HR, recruitment and outsourcing of Staff.

Since 1999, our Dedicated consultants have gained the trust of 3000 customers, who constantly choose Work Service SA on your HR Partner. For our prestigious clients every day we employ an average of 50 000 employees. Partnership based on solid foundations, trust and professionalism, provides jobs of more than 300 000 people per year.

Our advisors and consultants have extensive knowledge of regional labor markets. Their knowledge, backed by extensive experience, enables us to carry out projects with local precision. We operate in Poland and 11 European countries (Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland) through a network of local offices and 300 mobile advisers personnel. We focus on meeting the needs of both employees and employers. At the same time we remain responsive to the changing socio-economic, tax and legal.

Work Service is the first company in the service sector personnel listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

Welcome to the world of Work Service. Discover our wide range of products, an extensive network of local offices and a range of innovative HR solutions. Learn how to “attracts the best.”

Recruitment in the region:
ul. Grzybowska 3, local U6
00-132 Warsaw, PL
Tel .: + [48] (22) 49 34 789
Fax: + [48] (22) 24 42 754
E-Mail: warszawa@workservice.pl
Our consultants will also find in other cities
Mazowieckie province. Contact us.
Recruitment abroad:
Tel .: + [48] (71) 37 10 900 ext. 5
Certificate of income, proof of employment:
Tel .: + [48] (71) 900 37 10, ext. 2
Complaint, information on PIT, other personnel issues


Our Address:

ul. Grzybowska 3, lokal U6 00-132 Warszawa, PL


52.23720276103677, 21.002381771838486

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