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Our mission is to create ads that make money. Projects created in our studio are the result of an individual approach to the needs of our customers. Advertising is our passion, so we are still developing and open to new spaces in this industry.

We invite you – the good ads – KERR :)

Tables, signs

Depending on the installation location, purpose or effect you want to get signs and plaques are made of PVC, galvanized sheet metal, plexiglass, dibond or aluminum.
By using appropriate films, or together with other materials we can get surprising results that will attract the customer’s attention. Professionally made the sign is a good business card.

Large print

We offer printing of banners, billboards, citylights, nets on the facades of buildings, flags, tarpaulins – TIR images on self-adhesive foils. We provide a wide range of media roll label and flat, any size prints, and their finish and in additional services like lamination, etc. applications. Additionally, we offer finishing services as well as comprehensive installation services. Used in the production materials are of high quality, are certified. Prints are water resistant and UV radiation. High print quality and qualified employees meet the most sophisticated projects and will allow you to effectively advertise their products.
Spatial letters and illuminated

With this form of advertising can get very interesting effects, and most importantly, attract the customer’s attention. Advertising space, which we can offer to letters made of aluminum or tape alurapid (light), various spatial forms made of polystyrene, or XPS. This form of advertising, which strongly affects the customer than standard forms, making it much more effective. Properly executed advertising of this type also increases the prestige of the company.

Arrays and LED displays

the perfect way to make your business visible in the distance, something new, eye-catching, creative. Such conditions meet arrays LED, also known as diode arrays or LED displays. Built with thousands of light-emitting diodes, electronic controls, allow the presentation of any content in your chosen format. Very bright LEDs which is clearly visible even during the day, a variety of colors to choose from and easy to use. Zapeniamy installation, training in the field of service, and 24-month warranty.


The panels are made of aluminum or PVC. It depends on the installation location and size of the ad. Jstnieje the possibility of giving them different shapes, depending on customer needs. To perform face coffer, which is placed graphics, use a Plexiglas or vinyl. To perform graphics use the appropriate translucent foils.

Vehicle wrapping and sites

Why you should invest in advertising on vehicles:
– High viewership and effectiveness impacts in
– A high level of memorization advertising (according to European and American studies approx. 90%)
– Long life advertising
– Low cost of reaching potential customers in relation to other forms of advertising
– Free advertising space
Advertising wukonujemy using special films. They are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. In order to increase the impact of advertising we propose the use of reflective foils or printed directly on the film full-color images.

At the beginning of the course design, what do you need to print – banners, transparencies, catalogs, folders, calendars, letterheads, business cards, envelopes, stickers, posters, folders bids …..
We try to make our projects always meet your expectations, sometimes we are for your guidance, sometimes they offer the best solution for a given situation, everything to make you you were satisfied with our ideas – and we’d be able underneath them happy to sign.




If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. In Warsaw and the surrounding area we get to the place to make a measurement and valuation, as well as professional advice to help you choose the best solution.

KERR Studio Advertising
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Nowadays, having your own website is an obvious thing for a company that wants to operate on the market. Often the first contact a potential customer is just visiting the web site on which we can present its offer and details about our company.




Our Address:

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